Meori Ideal Iogana

SIA bs, DOB 18.10.2015
Breeder Oksana Fomina
Owner Inga Chere
Father: MAGIC ORIENT'S BANGI ,ORI b (GICH Brice Bagheera Shimaya , ORI n and Lafaeri Simushir, SIA b 21) Mother: Meori Best Bellada , SIA cs NL*Hidcote James, OSH as 03 22 and Samsara von Tatzelwurm, OSH a)
Ioganna is very gorgeous girl. This Siamese cat resemble princess on the throne. Ioganna loves to purr and sit on the couch. She lives in a lovely home with their owners Inga and Vitalij. Ioganna has beautiful blue eyes, big ears, long body and tail, beautiful profile and chin. Ioganahas excellent pedigree. Shei is daughter of our beautiful Bangi and Bellada.
Iogana's father
Iogana's mother
 Angezara Eldoren
OSH n , DOB 23.12.2011
Breeder Ludmila Žokina
Owner Oksana Fomina
PRA negative
Father: I.Ch.Lion Estelle Shimaya ,OSH b 24
(CH. Gelios Danielle Shimaya , OSH b and Ch.Estelle  Shimaya , OSH n 24 )
Mother: Ch.Gayane Ai-Inochi OSH n 03 
( E.Ch.Chanel Chance Sim-Sim*UA, OSH n 25 and Ch.Ekstasia' s Zsa-Zsa SIA f 03)
Angezara is very elegant and flirtatious cat. It has a very calm nature. He loves people's attention and does not like the attention of cats. Angezara like look in the eyes and tells how she loves as.She has a very beautiful body, green eyes, beautiful long tail, good chin and big ears. Angezara is very good  mom.She lives with my parents .Angezara has excellent pedigree.

Angezara's father
Angezara's mother
  LV*Oriamore Degheera
OSH n , DOB 28.05.2011
Breeder Tatjana Kruglikova
Owner Oksana Fomina
PRA negative
Father: Sores Gaide Sahmet OSH n
(Felix Patri Sahmet, OSH n and Gaide Sahmet OSH n 22) 
Mother: HU*Imlandris Indil Lamborghini Reventon, OSH f 25
(FIN*Anatolian Phanton Pirate, SIA d 21)
Degheera is very beautiful girl. She is very affectionate and graceful lady. She loves to express their emotions gesticulating with his paw and loves children. Her piercing green eyes and shiny black body will not leave anyone indifferent. She has  very beautiful green eyes, perfect body,big ears ,good chin and straight profile. Degheera lives with my parents. She has excellent pedigree.
Degheera's father
Degheera's mother
Meori Joking Jena
SIA a, DOB 02.12.2015
                                                              PRA negative
Breeder Oksana Fomina
Owner Maija Cernjavska

Father: GRAFFIAS Adoro LT OSH a
(GRAFFIAS Adoro parents: NL*Hidcode James OSH as 03 22 & LT*Anapus Slenio Aurora SIA c
Mother: Angezara Eldoren OSH n
(Angezara parents: Ch.Lion Estelle Shimaya OSH b 24 and Ch.Gayane Ai-Inochi OSH n 03)
Jena is very gentle and playing cat. It amused everyone when he plays with his toy, and then hides it. She is very fond of his favorite owner Maija. Maija is very good care of his beloved girl and feeds her a delicious meal. Jena has very beautiful blue eyes, long body, good chin ,perfect ears and very beautiful blue points.She has excellent pedigree.
Jena's father
Jena's mother
Meori Glamur Gabriella 
PRA negative
Breeder:Oksana Fomina
Owner: Simona Litiņa
Gabriella parents parents: Magic Orient,s Bangi and LV*Oriamore Degheera

Gabriella's father:
Gabriellaš mother:
Samsara v. Tatzelwurm
 OSH a
Breeder:Katharina Pereson
Owner: Ilona Fomina
PRA negative
Father: Coco Chanel's Baghira OSH n
OSH n, Coco Chanel's Baghira parents:PR+SC.Kattilan  SC.Kattilan Corkscrew Charlie (N)NNR.LO 150993,OSH b24 and Marilljos Foxylady Desire JW(N)NRR LO 140474, SIA n 21
Mother: Dahana' s Rani OSHn
Dahana' s Rani parents: Nissen,s Sharif (DK) FD LO 139136, OSH n 208210000114090 and Heav.-Naomi of Seeta,s Soul (DE) DEKZV LO 308383, OSH n, 276098102284047
Samsara is very gentle cat. She has a lovely nature and beautiful wide ears. Her beautiful blue color of the body like the gentle surf. Samsara loves children and  friendly with other cats. Her favorite food is chicken. Livs with Ilona Fomina.
Meori Best Bellada 
SIA cs
Breeder Oksana Fomina
Owner Vitalijs Sokalskis

Bellada is very pretty girl .She loves to communicate with his family. She lives with beautiful family with children .Her owners Vitalij and Iolanta are very fond of her. She is used to be the only cat in the family. All attention must be for her. Bellada has very beautiful blue eyes, long body and tail, beautiful straight profel and big wide ears. She has excellent pedigree.
Bellada's father
Bellada's mother