Meori Melodic Milada
OSH b,DOB 21.10.2016
Breeder Oksana Fomina
Owner Oksana Fomina
Father: MAGIC ORIENT'S BANGI ,ORI b (GICH Brice Bagheera Shimaya , ORI n and Lafaeri Simushir, SIA b 21) Mother: ANGEZARA ELDOREN, OSH n (I.Ch.Lion Estelle Shimaya ,OSH b 24 and Ch.Gayane Ai-Inochi OSH n 03)
Miladas's father
Miladas's mother

Meori Ideal Iogana
SIA bs, DOB 18.10.2015
Breeder Oksana Fomina
Owner Inga Chere
Father: MAGIC ORIENT'S BANGI ,ORI b (GICH Brice Bagheera Shimaya , ORI n and Lafaeri Simushir, SIA b 21) Mother: Meori Best Bellada , SIA cs NL*Hidcote James, OSH as 03 22 and Samsara von Tatzelwurm, OSH a)
Ioganna is very gorgeous girl. This Siamese cat resemble princess on the throne. Ioganna loves to purr and sit on the couch. She lives in a lovely home with their owners Inga and Vitalij. Ioganna has beautiful blue eyes, big ears, long body and tail, beautiful profile and chin. Ioganahas excellent pedigree. Shei is daughter of our beautiful Bangi and Bellada.
Iogana's father
Iogana's mother
Meori Mur Milka
 SIA n, DOB 21.10.2016
Breeder: Oksana Fomina
Owner: Oksana Fomina
(GICH Brice Bagheera Shimaya , ORI n and Lafaeri Simushir, SIA b 21)
Mother: Angezara Eldoren ,OSH n
(Ch.Lion Estelle Shimaya OSH b 24 and Ch.Gayane Ai-Inochi OSH n 03)
Milka is a royal cat. She loves people and other cats, and loves to play with the ball. Milka lives with my friend Natalia. Natalia says ,that she can not live without Milka. Milka meets her every day and escorts her to work. Milka has beautiful wide ears, short smooth coat and blue eyes. Milka is the daughter of our beautiful Bangi and Angizara. She has excellent pedigree.
Milka's father:
Milka's mother:
Eva SiOri Praid
SIA b, DOB 11.11.2015
Breeder Natalja Ivanova
Owner Oksana Fomina
Father: World Ch. WCF Pikasso Beauti Oliver (SIA n)
(LV*La Lune D'OR SOKKA, SIA b and Cadence Mardzari,CZ , SIA n)
Mother: б.т. Lady Happy Gift of Kings (OSH h)
(World Ch. WCF, ViktOr Gift of Kings, OSH ds 24 and  Gr. Euro Ch. WCF, O*Kay Canta Princess Siames, OSH ns)
This lovely creature is very, very gentle. Eva loves to sit on hands for all of our family members and do massage. She is ready to talk from morning till evening. She is very petite and tender.This cute kitty came to us from Tyumen, Russia. Thank you very much excellent breeder Natalia Ivanova for this sweet girl. Eva has perfect long body, blue eyes, wide and big ears.She lives in my family. Eva has excellent pedigree.
Eva's father
Eva's mother
Grace SiaOri Praid
SIA n, DOB 01.09.2016 
Breeder Natalja Ivanova
Owner Oksana Fomina
Father: World Ch. WCF Nikita Gift of Kings, OSH bs
( Gr. Int. Ch. WCF Ural Amun-Ra El Ice Dragon's ,OSH n and Gr. Euro Ch. WCF O*Kay Canta Princess Siames ,OSH ns)
Mother: б.т. Cassiopeia SiOri Praid, OSH a
(World Ch. WCF Pikasso Beauti Oliver ,SIA n and б.т. Caliko-Prasko Rahat-Lukum ,OSH h 03)
Grace came to us from the cattery SiaOri Praid. Thank you Natalja for your trusting . This is the second cat from this cattery. Grce is very gaudy and modest. He prefers to watch cats and people from the highest shelf. Grice has very pronounced points, beautiful blue eyes and big ears. She lives in our family. Grice has excellent pedigree.
Grace's father:
Grace's mother:
Estrada Radomir
OSH f , DOB 01.02.2017
Breeder Jelena Vasiljeva
Owner Oksana Fomina
Father: WCF World Champion Hokey Pokey Adoro*LT , OSH d 24 03
(FIFE Enzo Dolcegattina* PL and I.CH. Monica)
Estrada (Rada) very sweet kitty. She loves cats and loves people. All the things that I do at home I do with the Rada. She is always there. This is the second cat from the  Radomir cattery. Thanks Elena for this beautiful girl. Rada will be mother of red kittens. We dreamed about it for a long time. Rada has a beautiful long body, a long tail and paws, green eyes and big ears.She lives in our family. Rada has excellent pedigree.
Estrada's father:
Estrada's mother:
Angezara Eldoren
OSH n , DOB 23.12.2011
Breeder Ludmila Žokina
Owner Oksana Fomina
PRA negative
Father: I.Ch.Lion Estelle Shimaya ,OSH b 24
(CH. Gelios Danielle Shimaya , OSH b and Ch.Estelle  Shimaya , OSH n 24 )
Mother: Ch.Gayane Ai-Inochi OSH n 03 
( E.Ch.Chanel Chance Sim-Sim*UA, OSH n 25 and Ch.Ekstasia' s Zsa-Zsa SIA f 03)
Angezara is very elegant and flirtatious cat. It has a very calm nature. He loves people's attention and does not like the attention of cats. Angezara like look in the eyes and tells how she loves as.She has a very beautiful body, green eyes, beautiful long tail, good chin and big ears. Angezara is very good  mom.She lives with my parents .Angezara has excellent pedigree.

Angezara's father
Angezara's mother